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Brandon and Heather {Utah Wedding Photography}

Brandon and Heather were extraordinary! They were so fun to be around and were not camera shy at all! I met them the first time on their wedding day which is not very common but as soon as we all met we knew it was going to be a fun day!

Brandon and Heather were married back in October in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. Their wedding reception was at the gorgeous Chantilly Mansion in Layton. It was by far my most favorite reception location-but maybe it’s because I’m a big fan of Victorian Era homes and furnishings. Their wedding was topped off with a night of fun music and dancing- which I’m also a big fan of…. maybe because of my Latino roots 😉 haha! What a wonderful and memorable day. Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

Hintze Wedding-1wm

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Kara and Ethan {Utah Wedding Photographer}

Kara and Ethan are both great muscicians. Ethan plays classical guitar and Kara sings with the Utah Opera. I got the chance to see the first performance of the Utah Opera’s La Traviata which was AWESOME!   The cast was amazing and Kara did a fabulous job! Opera performers are truly gifted individuals. I highly recommend seeing an opera in your lifetime 🙂

Kara and Ethan got married in the Salt Lake Temple back in October and it was a great day for them! Congratulations once more and may you live a happy life together!



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The Ferguson Family {Salt Lake Family Photography}

Smiles and giggles of little kids are my favorite part when I’m doing a family session. 😀 When doing family photography you have to become friends with the kids and let them be themselves. Sometimes toddlers can be tricky to photograph because they are so active. I do like chasing them and getting sincere laughs though- that is the best part of all. We all had fun!

I met Chris a few months after moving to Utah when I was in need to change insurance companies. We met at at an event- and then BAM! -he instantly became my agent. He then found out I did photography and the rest is history! I’m glad I got to meet his lovely family. The session went well and I’m glad we ended up getting some great images.














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Austen and Feleicia’s Wedding { Salt Lake Wedding Photography}

I had the great opportunity to shoot Austen and Feleicia’s wedding in Manti this last summer. I really enjoyed the change in scenery and the gorgeous surroundings.  The Manti LDS temple is absolutely gorgeous and has a lot of history to it.

Their wedding reception was held in Austen’s family’s backyard.  In general, when you think of a backyard you think of grass, a few trees, and flowers… Well, this backyard was absolutely amazing!  It had a gazebo, an outdoor fireplace, garden, little stream, flowers, fruit, and a playground for kids. It seemed more like a reception center to me.  I was blown away. 😀

I had a blast at the reception and going around and photographing all the little kids. That’s one of my favorite things to do at receptions. Kids are the funniest- they are usually running around, chasing each other, and having so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to capture such pure joy?

What a night! Congrats to Austen and Feleicia!


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Brittney {Utah Wedding Photography| Manti UT Bridals}

Today I bring to you one beautiful bride- Brittney! She and her husband Chad got married in Manti back in August.

I really enjoyed the time we had together at the session and I also got to meet her family as well. At first we couldn’t decide where to do the bridals, but at the last minute we chose the Noni Gardens. It was such a gorgeous place and I hope to come back to it again! I am a huge fan of natural scenes and I love big trees and gorgeous landscapes.

One of the things that is tough when doing bridals is the fact that I want to share the pictures right away- but I can’t because in most cases the Groom can’t see the bride until the wedding day. I had to wait until after they got married to share a sneak peek. Their wedding was at the Manti temple and it was such a beautiful day. I can’t wait to show you their wedding pics. Their wedding will be blogged soon so stay tuned…:)



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