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Dave and Jamie are married! {Utah Wedding Photographer}

The day finally came for David and Jamie! They were beaming with joy and they looked so wonderful! What a happy day!

Everytime I photograph a wedding I still get butterflies and I get flashbacks of my own wedding. Sometimes my eyes water when I see tender moments and sometimes my heart gets warm and fuzzy when I see family members get emotional.

Although there were no flowers on temple square it was still beautiful. The air was warm and it was a gorgeous sunny day-perfect for a wedding! I found out that Dave and Jamie were having a honey moon in Costa Rica!  Man, what a lucky couple!  Hope I get to go there someday too! Here are just a few of the many awesome pictures of their wedding. Enjoy!

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Dave and Jamie’s Formals {Utah Wedding Photography}

It’s really hard to shoot brides when there is lots of snow and there are no leaves on the trees but we managed to pull it off. Dave and Jamie are so awesome and they know how to work it! The pictures came out just the way I wanted them to. Luckily there was barely any wind, so Jamie was able to take a few pictures with and without her furry coat- which by the way made the close-up shots a DREAM! I love working with different textures together and they definitely work well in photographs. Aren’t they amazing models? Can’t wait for their wedding!


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Terry and Alea {Salt Lake City Engagement Photography}

I love it when I get couples that are fun and easy going. That pretty much sums up Terry and Alea and their whole session.  It was lots of fun! There was no dull moment and those two were always smiling, laughing, and entertaining each other.

We were fortunate to have had fresh snow which adorns the trees so beautifully for photos. In one of our locations I was even fortunate enough to take a tumble down a snowy hill!  Don’t worry- my equipment survived- as did I.  Next time I try hiking up a snow covered hill, I’ll bring a snow picket. Haha!  Anyways, I can’t wait to see these guys on their wedding day, it will be awesome! Congrats! 




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Dave and Jamie {Utah Engagement Photography}

This year is going to be a great one, I just know it!!  What’s the best way to start off 2013?    Having  an awesome couple book you for a wedding!

I met Dave and Jamie just a few weeks ago, but it feels like I have known them for a while now. These two are a very good looking pair and are meant for one another! Their engagement session was so much fun, not to mention it was a bitterly cold day! It was only a few degrees out and there was fresh snow everywhere, which made getting to where we wanted to shoot a bit more challenging. However, to my surprise, these guys brought a shovel with them. How genious!  Thank goodness for the shovel, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see their feet in the pictures!  Although my toes were freezing the whole time, we managed to get some amazing shots… So without further ado, here are Dave and Jamie!

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